Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty”

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In light of our Kawasaki guest speaker on Monday evening, today I wanted to talk about another brand that provided a world wide effort to re-brand itself.  Dove (toiletries) is a manufacturer of consumer packaged goods for hair care, body care, and lotions. Their products do not only serve women but they also have product lines that are targeted for men. Dove is brand that deals with making its consumers look and feel beautiful, but in the society we live in today the definition of beauty is skewed. Some may say the women in “Hollywood” are beautiful. Some examples include

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara


Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

But for the rest of us plain janes… where does our definition of beauty come in?

Dove wanted to create a global re-branding of their products by creating a global discussion revolved around the question of what is real beauty? They performed studies that asked women if they thought they were beautiful. Of all the women they asked around the globe, only 2% of women said that they would label themselves as “beautiful.” What resulted from these studies was Dove creating a global strategy and movement to make women look and feel beautiful. They first posed questions to their global consumers of what they thought was beautiful. They would send their consumers pictures of women and pose a question. Something like this…




dove1and my personal favorite… (since I am a plus sized woman)



By doing this, they were able to connect with their consumer in a way that no other brand has done before.  They were able to also connect with young girls and warn them of the pressures of society and that all those preconceived notions of beauty are all fake.

Here is timeline of what their campaign entailed:

2004: The Campaign for Real Beauty launched in September 2004 with a much talked-about ad campaign featuring real women whose appearances are outside the stereotypical norms of beauty. The ads asked viewers to judge the women’s looks (oversized or outstanding? and wrinkled or wonderful?), and invited them to cast their votes at

2005: Dove® kicked off the second and most iconic phase of the Campaign for Real Beauty in June 2005, with advertising featuring six real women with real bodies and real curves. The phase of the campaign was created to debunk the stereotype that only thin is beautiful and it drove

thousands of women to to discuss beauty issues.

2006: In September 2006, a news and media furor erupted when Spain banned overly thin models from its fashion runways. The debate spoke to the heart of the Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty mission. In response, Dove® produced a compelling short film, Evolution, depicting the transformation of a real woman into a model and promoting awareness of how unrealistic perceptions of beauty are created.

So what was the result?

They had 20% increased sales in 2005 and now they have created a self esteem took kit for young girls so that they are armed with the tools necessary to combat all the pressures society inflict on women.

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