Culture Consideration

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As the world moves closer to a global economy, marketing across cultures worldwide is a thriving. In the international business, a lot international business has been successful since the deep consideration of adapting the local culture. So all evidence shows that cultural differences affect your marketing strategy.

So when you go to the international market, you have to consider the national and local cultures and remember about the political and business cultures when you are developing marketing strategies.

People say that sociologic differences around the world largely outweigh the similarities. People are influenced and driven by different things since they are growing in different background. The despondence to the same thing is various region by region.

If the company lack of cultural considerations, it can result in a mediocre response to product promotions and it can even impact the company’s international image. KFC suffered significant international criticism when chicken chest was launched in China, since nobody likes chicken chests to eat like China. While there was nothing wrong with their product, KFC was at fault because the company didn’t peoples’ preference.

In Many countries, cultures significant accomplishment in life is taken as a measure of success. People who meet these s People who meet these standards of success are regarded highly. Consequently these cultures more readily accept marketing presented to them along the lines of the achievement of their goals. However, the same type of marketing copy presented to people who consider status in life a result of birthplace, social standing and influence (or the lack of it) isn’t acceptable and will get poor marketing results.

In some countries, people do not like uncertainty and risk taking, but others prefer taking risk. The color also has different meaning to different countries. Particularly in religious societies, for example, red is very much a color of luck to the Chinese, but a warning sign to many other nationalities. In China, gold is almost always a sign of prosperity and success. The issue of color selection in marketing applies not only to print and media ads, but also to web sites.

Gender is another factor you have to consider when considering when you target a country, but in some societies it is more relevant than in others. If you are selling medical supplies in the China today you should be aware the vast majority of Chinese doctors are man. Gender esteem also has significant implications in countries like Japan, Austria and in Arab countries where males often command ultimate decision authority over females. In contrast, in Sweden the female population has a much greater say in purchasing decisions.

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